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Thursday, February 11, 2010


On what was originally set to be his last weekend of freedom, Lil Wayne partied and handled business during Super Bowl weekend in Miami. In 48 hours, Lil Wayne shot 10 videos before attending the Super Bowl and having fun with family and friends at a going away party at Dolce.

But why has Lil Wayne become the latest black millionaire to face prison time? Other successful black men including T.I., Michael Vick, Gucci Mane and Plaxico Burress, have all served time during the prime of their careers. While citizens across the nation struggle to earn in a year what these men can make in a day, they risk everything that they work for by making bad decisions. Why did T.I. put his career on the line to buy illegal guns? Why did Vick's family and friends allow him to continue to engage in dogfighting. Who told Gucci Mane that it was OK to neglect the kids in his neighborhood by not completing his community service hours? And why did Burress and Lil Wayne need to carry a gun instead of hiring security?

The main reason these men are finding themselves behind bars is because they are not allowing reputable individuals with knowledge to give them guidance. By surrounding themselves with individuals who enable them and give them poor advice, they put themselves in a position to lose millions.

T.I., Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane will likely leave prison with more street credibility. Burress hopes for the same second chance that Vick received. But as Lil Wayne enters Rikers Island, we can only hope that he is the last black millionaire to be forced to relinquish his freedom due to stupidity.


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