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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chicago teen Derrion Albert was beaten to death by other black teens because he wouldn't join a neighborhood gang. A white man slaps a stranger's child in a Georgia Walmart and is sentenced to a year in prison. African American boy slaps a man because he tried to eat his chips. Which one is a crime? All of the above.

This past Super Bowl Sunday, a Doritos commercial that featured a a friendly black man, a black single mom and her delinquent son. The woman answered the door and waiting to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers was the friendly black man. She greets him with a smile, invites him in and introduces him to her son. The mother is wearing a halter top and a denim mini skirt, which catches her date's eye as she exits the room. The date reaches into a bowl of Doritos on the table and the angry young boy slaps him in the face and offers two threats: "keep your hands off my mama; keep your hands off my Doritos."

What many viewed as a cute little black kid who offered a fair warning to the new man in his mom's life, when this was a viral video that was traveling through e-mail cyberspace, saw things differently when it was viewed for national consumption. This young boy's action goes against a basic tenet, respect adults. The makers of this commercial were reckless and are promoters of violence and contempt. It disrespects single mothers because it places them in a negative light and presents them as incapable of rearing a young black man to be respectful and obedient. The mother clearly chastised the little boy when she left the room, asking him to be on his best behavior.

The young boy's assault on this stranger is a crime. This commercial is a promotion of the growth of criminals and chronic offenders, and should not be taken lightly. What seems like a minor offense could escalate into a crime as gross as the one that took the young, tender life of 16-year-old Derrion Albert. Shame on you if you believed this commercial was cute or if you agree with one writer who wrote this commercial was "simple, witty, and amazingly effective."

The fact that this commercial aired by Doritos maker Frito-Lay didn't even win the ad contest is an indication that this type of behavior is unpopular and simply ignorant. #imjustsayin...lets see it for what it is and not for what they want it to be....but what do you think?...leave a comment!


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