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Thursday, February 11, 2010


During the telecast of Super Bowl XLIV, there were less than five black people who starred in commercials. In one of those rare moments, T-Pain made a cameo appearance in a Bud Light commercial that was void of diversity and reduced the artist to a caricature of himself.

The commercial begins with a white male who telephones several of his friends that converse with him in voices enhanced by Auto-Tune. Presented in the same format as 1999's "Whassup?" commercial, the lead male does not have one black friend but they all use the device that was popularized by black culture. The video becomes even more absurd when T-Pain co-signs by showing up at the end of the video saying, "Pass that guacamole" in Auto-Tune.

T-Pain likely received a check for his appearance, but he made a mockery of himself and allowed Bud Light to get away with disregarding the importance of diversity


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