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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nicki Minaj Incites Twitter Riot After Asking For #titpics lol

A herd of wanton women stormed Nicki Minaj’s Twitter page to drop pictures of their breasts in hopes that the provocative Young Money hit maker would sign them up for life.

Reacting to the overwhelming response to her peculiar request, Minaj tweeted: “Sometimez I do Twitter signing. If I retweet a twitpic of ur boobz, ur signed for life. Wanna play? Ok barbz. On ur mark! Get set. Go!!!”

The sexually provocative rapper said it all started when she announced would sign girls breasts after her show at Club Play in Miami; she is in town for the Super Bowl. Soon after, thousands of her followers on Twitter asked when she could do the same for them. Thus, the initiation of the contest. If Minaj likes your breasts, she would retweet them, therefore you would be signed up for life.

"So I told them I would virtually sign theirs if they TwitPic their boobs. I'll retweet it, and that'll mean they'll be signed for life," she told "MTV News." "I got, like, a thousand boobs to sign last night. I was so tired. I only signed, like, 20, but everybody's making a big deal out of that."

Perhaps the rapper should have known better than to think this could turn into anything but chaos. She has, after all, over a half-million followers on Twitter. Her fan base is so passionate for anything Nicki that they asked the salacious siren to name her own dictionary, called “Nictionary.” Every day, Nicki comes up with a new term for her followers.

As for the boobs TwitPic contest, Nicki told “MTV News” why women would send their breast photos to her.

"This is the truth: Girls dress up for girls. Girls buy cute shoes for girls. We want girls to think what we have is hot, hotter than what they have," she said. "I think with the boob signing, they like Nicki Minaj, and they want me to put my stamp of approval on their boobs. I think that autographs are overrated. Who does that anymore? Pictures are cute, but signing a person's boob and they take a picture of that, that's just dope. That's something when you get 80 years old you look at and be like, 'Wow, I had fun.' ”


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