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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rihanna Keeps Showing The Goodies

Everyday there’s a new picture of Rihanna with more and more of her body parts exposed. I feel sorry for Rihanna to a certain degree because she has been a victim of domestic violence. But then she comes out with pictures that are raunchy and half-naked to promote her new album, Rated R. Recently she was seen drunk to the point where she couldn’t control herself enough to keep her legs crossed so that her underwear didn't show. Rihanna is also the same artist who is the 2009 recipient of Glamour’s Woman of The Year Award, which is a contradiction to me. Is this how women conduct themselves nowadays? I’m not sure what message Rihanna is trying to convey to young girls.

During the same week, Beyonce was seen out with a short dress in London, however she used a jacket to cover her legs as she stepped out of the car. How can we expect to earn respect if we do not respect ourselves? It’s okay to wear a short dress and have a good time, but have some class while doing it and don’t blame it on the alcohol.


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